Management Board Members

Naoto Shibui / Director

Naoto Shibui is a founder and Managing Director of Environmental Technology Africa Ltd. He has previously worked in the environmental services sector in Kenya, France, Germany and Japan for private, non-governmental and international entities (including the UN Environment Programme and UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Subsequently, he worked for Environmental Resources Management Japan Limited for over four years where he, as the Governmental Project Leader, led more than 10 successful tenders of the Japanese government (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). As the project manager, he also conducted research and policy analysis, undertook more than 50 environmental, health and safety audits, and managed about 100 research projects covering over 40 different countries on issues such as environmental health and safety management systems, environmental impact assessment, biodiversity, waste management, air and water pollution, soil and groundwater contamination, dioxin and asbestos management, carbon footprints, and corporate social responsibility.

He holds an MSc. in Biology (Philipps University – Marburg, Germany)

Yuri Mito / Director

Yuri Mito is Director of ETA and Managing Director of ETA Japan. She has previously worked in the sectors of environmental services, official development assistance, information technology and import and expert in Rwanda, Thailand and Japan for private, governmental and non-governmental organizations. She started her research and consulting career with the following three organizations (about five years each):
(a) Japan Environmental Corporation (Tokyo, Japan): Project Development Coordinator and Researcher, Industrial Waste Treatment Development Unit.
(b) Earth Band LLC (Kigali, Rwanda): Director of Rwanda Project.
(c) Embassy of Japan (Kigali, Rwanda): Coordinator, Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project.
Subsequently, she as Managing Director of i-Wind Consulting Ltd., a company of ETA Group, has implemented and supervised about 10 projects in about five years mainly in Rwanda. Areas of those services included:

  • Regulatory investigation and policy analysis.
  • Interviews to authorities and private companies.
  • Market research for business development.
  • Investigation on project / programme evaluation methods of development partners.
  • Feasibility studies about and business development with banana fiber materials.
  • Environmental impact assessment for geothermal project development.
  • Export of Rwandan-made handicrafts to Japan.
  • Business development for apple production.

She holds a Bachelor of Political Science (Meiji University, Japan) and Master of Applied Environmental Studies (University of Waterloo, Canada).

Business Strategy Advisors

Karen Basiye

Ms. Karen Basiye is the Environment Policy and Compliance Manager of Safaricom Ltd., the largest Kenyan telecommunications company. Previously, she worked for the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) of the Kenyan government for over four years and at the Public Complaints Committee to NEMA. Her expertise covers a wide range of national, regional and international issues in environmental business, science and administration including environmental management systems, environmental impact assessment, waste management, renewable energy, regulatory processes, and new environmental policies.

She has an MSc. in Environmental Science Policy and Management from Central European University (Hungary), Lund University (Sweden) and Manchester University (UK).

Peter Munge Mwangi / Director

Peter Munge Mwangi is a founder of Environmental Technology Africa Ltd. He has previously worked for private companies in the agricultural services sector in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Most recently, he worked for Syngenta Ltd., a world-leading agri-business company, in various positions including Regional Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist in East Africa. At the same time, he was the Managing Director of Greencare Ltd., a Kenya-based waste, pest control and landscape management company, where he designed the operational strategy, developed new client contacts, managed the company’s human resources and finances, and trained new employees. Furthermore, he was an agricultural expert and conducted pest control and landscape management.

He holds a BSc in Agricultural Engineering (University of Nairobi – Kenya) and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Strategic Management and Operations Management (University of Nairobi – Kenya).

Matthew Woods

Mr. Matthew Woods is Operations Director of Carbon Africa Ltd., a Kenyan carbon credits company. He has previously worked in the environmental services sector in Canada for private, non-governmental and municipal entities. Subsequently, Matt was a technical expert at UNEP for six years, where he worked on the implementation and management of over 30 projects in 15 different countries and raised over USD 7 million in financing for the project, while helping to lead UNEP’s work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation. He also has expertise in green business operations and waste management.

He holds a BA in Anthropology (University of Victoria – Canada).